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Leading the fashion channel – MTV-Russia – started her career with participation in the program "12 angry viewers" at the age of 16. After that, she has long worked as a production assistant, and soon "went public" and became, without exaggeration, the face of the channel. After the cessation of work on MTV Irena became a VJ on channel Europa Plus TV. Many also remember her gorgeous photo shoots, in particular, on the cover of MAXIM magazine. In 2009, Irena was recognized by many as the sexiest woman in Russia. Now she is not only a fashion leader, but also a wife and mother. However, this does not prevent her to be in a good fashionable and stylish, which she gladly demonstrates in his photoblog.


First on Victoria Dayneko we found out when she showed up at the fifth Russian star Factory in 2004. Captivating sincerity song "I'll be better" was unusual for mental factory "plastic". It was not a one-off exception, but the trend Dayneko was one of the few who was able to create in the "factory" itself. After leaving "American idol" Daineko released only one album – "Needle" (2008), however, new hits she appears regularly, albeit infrequently. A true global hit was a recent song Mirror Mirror, in which Daineko and T-Killah brilliantly recreated the atmosphere of Eurodance. It is hoped that the best creative times Vika is still ahead. Besides music, Victoria indifferent to the cinema: she appears in the films (mainly in the role of herself), and also voiced the female roles in the Russian dubbing. Once she was naked for a photo shoot in Playboy, but it was still in "factory" times. And in Instagram Victoria Daineko you can often find her thoughts, a very personal revelation, photographs in a variety of settings – practically her personal journal with pictures, feelings and experiences.


Amateur Russian sitcoms, no doubt, know who Christine Asmus. Who starred in the TV series "Interns" role pretty Varya Chernous, she became one of the most beloved "TV series" blondes. For Christina I got the image of a modest Vari, however in life the actress has much stronger inner core. Asmus often include ratings of the most beautiful Actresses of Russia, in 2013, according to the version of Maxim's top 100 sexiest women she beat Victoria Lopyreva. But the girl's heart has long been occupied. Her lover was a well-known showman Garik Kharlamov. In early 2014, with a young family had a daughter, about it on his page on Instagram Kristina Asmus personally informed subscribers. And even despite the recent birth of a baby, new mother does not cast a favorite pastime theatre. In Instagram Kristina Asmus publishes all the news of his life. Cute character of Christine is reflected even on her page on Instagram – she is so warm and "cozy". Even selfies that are so annoying in most cases, make and kind. There is no doubt that Asmus Instagram community were charmed by their smiles, positive notes and homemade photos.


This spectacular girl, Vika Krutaya Instagram to become a star is not easy, but very easy. And this does not necessarily nor to have a stellar father nor sing. Enough to pick up the spectacular views and delight readers with its beauty and exotic life. Victoria Ktutaya's Instagram is quite long – from the time when it was not yet mainstream. And she has something to show from classic selfies and photos of food to the luxurious swimming pool in your own home. And, of course, yourself in various ways. About appearance Wiki one can argue, a matter of taste, but it is in any case a spectacular girl and is able to present yourself is very cool, justifying the name. All the attributes of a life of beautiful women are also present – from miniature dogs up to photo shoots in gorgeous gowns. Often Vika appears on American or Russian parties in the company of celebrities.



Yulia Golubeva – mystery girl, whose biography is kept secret from the Internet, and hence from the public. Born in 1990 in Yaroslavl Julia is quite a well-known online persona, however, to find information about her life is almost impossible. The popularity of the girl took off when it became known that she herself makes original jewelry – bracelets, necklaces, earrings. Opening your small online store, Julia proved himself not only as a designer but also as a budding businesswoman. Being a girl is bright and showy, she's become quite the style icon among Internet users and its army of fans is growing day by day. His page on Instagram Julia Golubeva constantly updates with new photolucida that immediately evaluate thousands of subscribers.



Even if we have not heard Polina Gagarina, we would surely see her. Born March 27, 1987 in a family of professional choreographers from childhood she wore in the scene. And after spending his early years in Greece, she managed to soak in the unusual sense of rhythm and melody. Wide listener Gagarin learned after participating in the project "Factory of Stars-2". There she performed several songs, the most hit was the "lullaby". A rare example of "original" songs, for a long time survivor of the project. Then a few years nothing was heard. And here in 2005 Gagarin became really famous, beginning of the author's career with her own songs. And further, that is, hit after hit: "I'm yours", "Who? Why?" "Where love lives"... Now Polina new rise in popularity. "The play is over", "No", "Forever" hits the largest caliber that earned her new fans and new successes. Fans of the singer, it makes sense to subscribe to her Instagram: Gagarin's constantly publishes news, announcements and stories about interesting events in the life and work


Russian actress, resident Comedy Comedy Woman and former member of KVN Team "MISIS", "Team of small Nations" and "Their secrets". In 2008 Maria Kravchenko debuted on the stage of the new TV program Made in Woman, later renamed Comedy Woman. She also sings a parody of a musical composition as part of a group of "Supermarket of Love". The image of Maria Kravchenko is a brutal woman who does not mince words and speaks only "dude". She also was host of "Outside the game" together with host and producer Alexander Maslyakov Jr. and Catherine Barnabas. Maria Kravchenko calls one of their favorite times of preprovozhdeno shopping. She loves the shoes and says that she is ready to die during the fitting of shoes Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin.



Singer who represented Russia at Eurovision 2014. In 2007 she starred in the Christmas musical "the Kingdom of crooked mirrors" in which the trio sang with my sister and Alla Pugacheva song "Ding-Dong". In 2014, the sisters represented Russia at the Eurovision song contest 2014, where he performed the song "Shine", finishing in seventh place. The account of her Instagram has over seventeen thousand followers.


Russian actress. Since 2005 in films, works in the Moscow State musical theatre of national art under the direction of Vladimir Nazarov. Collaborates with the Association of free artists. Ucesnica the TV show "Ice age" with Maxim Stavisky. At the end of stage 9, the couple received a prize of spectator sympathies. Fame actress brought the multi-project "the circus Princess" in 2007. In Instagram the actress more than forty-two subscribers, to whom she was delighted to share fun experiences of his extraordinary life.



Participant of the TV show "the Bachelor"



Russian TV presenter, journalist and actress. Since 2003 he hosted the program "12 angry viewers" on MTV. In 2002-2004 with Ivan Urgant led evening show "Espresso" on MTV. In 2001-2006 he worked as chief editor of the youth magazine Yes!. In 2009-2010 together with Lika Kremer led the program "Triangle" on the 3 channel. Currently host of "culture news" on TV channel "Culture". He was a columnist magazines Sex&the City, Hello Icons, Shopping Guide. Maintains a blog on LiveJournal. Manufactures its footwear collection under the name Tanya Gevorkian. As well as many famous personality not forget to share with thirty thousand subscribers footage of his interesting life.



Russian rap/hip-hop/RnB performer. The real name of the artist Alexander. Musician dreamed of being since childhood, despite the fact that secondary and higher education economist. But nature eventually took its toll. The first song T-killah became became known "To the bottom (the Owner)", released in 2009. Debut music video received over 500,000 views on YouTube, and the song — more than 50 000 additions to playlists social network "Vkontakte". Each song was truly biographical, at least he tried to tell us about their experiences.


How often, dear in show business has become a sport. Anna Semenovich was born on 1 March 1980, initially implemented in skating and even won awards. However, due to meniscus injury, she had to finish career. A new way for Anna was the music. At first it was hardly noticeable project "Charlie's Angels", and then springboard to a solo career after the group "Brilliant". If the group period, this was not the best, Anna Semenovich then made a very big name. Currently Semenovich devotes himself to his solo career. In addition to musical activities, Semenovich starred in a few films (in the first place is absurd comedies like "Hitler kaput!" and "rzhevskii against Napoleon"), and participated in countless television shows.



Olga Seryabkina — Russian singer, soloist of the Russian female pop group "Silver", the author of most lyrics group. With 6-7 years started ballroom dancing. At the age of 17 he received the title of candidate master of sports, participated in international competitions. He graduated from the school of arts in the Department of pop singing. I was in College, translator from English and German. In early 2015 Seryabkina started a solo career in pop hip hop under the alias Holy Molly. Also writes songs for his solo project.



Ukrainian singer, actress, TV presenter, poet. Former soloist of Ukrainian female pop group "VIA Gra". In 2006-2008 he was the presenter of the program "Incredible love story" (Ukr. Namber history of love) on the Ukrainian TV channel "STB". In July 2009, Hope has released a collection of poems "Immediate attraction". Participated in the second season of the show "one in One!" on TV channel Russia 1. Instagram star filled fashion professional photo and has more than eighty thousand subscribers.


Russian actress, singer, TV presenter. Has Kazakh roots. Former soloist of Ukrainian female pop group "VIA Gra". In the spring of 2013 Albina participated in the project "Big dance" on channel Russia-1 as co-host of the program. In the summer of the same year she was called to the role of leading the program "ClipYou chart" on music channel Muz-TV. The number of fans in Instagram stars exceeds forty six thousand and this number is constantly growing, and Albina populates your profile with vivid pictures.



Russian TV presenter, actress, model. 2009 - face advertising of the Internet project "Trust" (Dove). 2010 - the face of the advertising company "Nestle Fitness". In 2013 he created his own brand “SISTERconcept”. From January 2015 the leading all-Russian musical competition "New star" on the channel Star. Account in Instagram star is averaging seventy seven thousand subscribers.


Russian and Ukrainian actress and pop singer. The first work on the professional stage was the role of Fleur de Lys in the production of Notre Dame de Paris. Played in the Theater of the moon, where she noticed Philip, who in 2002 became the producer Stotsky. First, inviting her to audition for the musical "Chicago". In 2005 participated in the qualifying round Russia at the "Eurovision-2005". Anastasia is a very bright and cheerful personality, popularity, pursues her even on the Internet as evidenced by the number of subscribers – more than one hundred and fifteen thousand.


Ukrainian and Russian singer. Beginning his musical career as part of Uzhgorod group B&B. From 2010 to 2012 he acted as a Ukrainian judge on the show "X-Factor". In 2011 he gained great popularity with the song "Provence" and was nominated in three categories at the Muz-TV 2011. A Christmas tree is a four-time winner of the award "Golden gramophone" and a nominee for MTV RMA. Elka's Instagram torn from subscribers, whose number is growing every day and almost reaches half a million.



Russian singer from the band "5sta Family". In 2004 the singer was a member of the television musical project "Factory of stars 5. Alla Pugacheva" on "the First channel". In 2011, Julianna became a soloist of the Russian RnB-group "5sta Family". In April 2015 Yulianna Karaulova has finished work on his debut solo song "You're not like that". The shooting of the video were in Rome for two days. At the moment Instagram of Julianna has more than one hundred thirty-three subscribers.


Producer, television presenter, singer, former lead singer of Hi-Fi. In the fall of 2010 Fomin showed itself as the leading "Tophit chart" channel Muz-TV. In each song the artist sings the love. Fomin producing projects groups Capicola and yen, rapper StuFF. Editor of the "psychology" on the website of the magazine HELLO! The winner of the award "Golden gramophone" and the festival "song of the Year". Even with this workload in the career of the artist does not forget his fans and is always willing to share with the worlds a good mood. Over 120,000 subscribers



That is associated with Anfisa Chekhova? Right, sex! And it's not just the TV show, which she led at the time. Just Anfisa really exudes incredible aura of attractiveness. Born Anfisa Chekhova in Moscow on 21 December 1977. Her first attempt to achieve success was the participation in the group "Insane fireflies", but the real success accompanied her on TV in the status of the presenter. Among the projects with the participation of Anfisa Chekhova – author of numerous transfer and participation in large-scale shows. Her style is provocative, but in moderation, combined with a spectacular appearance and appeal – makes interesting any program with her. Anfisa appeared before the viewer (and listener!) as a broadcaster and presenter of the popular show, some of which she participated as a contestant, at other times as a member of the jury. Appears Chekhova and in movies and TV series, but rather in the status of "guest stars", sometimes playing herself.



Vera Brezhneva – the girl won the hearts of millions of men and inspired millions of women. Singer, actress, TV presenter – I think she manages everything. Naturally, such a person always attracts the attention of others, especially journalists. To achieve today's situation, the Faith went through a lot. However, daily work gave the expected result. Becoming a member of the group "VIA Gra" Vera got the winning ticket, which she was able to properly use it. Now it is known by all the inhabitants of the CIS countries, and financial problems are behind us. Unlucky girl only in your personal life. Two marriages ended in divorce and a new relationship does not always bring joy. Nevertheless, thanks to their husbands, Faith was able to become a mother of two charming daughters, the education of which brings only positive emotions. To combine motherhood and work is extremely difficult, but in a strange way even on the updates page on Instagram Brezhneva finds time.


The Party of the first part of the infamous group "VIA Gra". Currently a solo singer, actress and TV presenter. During its existence, the group "VIA Gra" has changed several soloists, but the public remembered not all. Anna Sedakova, no doubt, was among the most colorful member of the team and even after leaving it managed to stay afloat. Today, Anna has successfully engaged in a solo career, taking part in the filming of movies and television programs.


Singer, actress, who starred in the TV series "Hannah Montana" Page Miley Cyrus on Instagram is a "salad" of photos and videos made by a girl in a moment of free time. Interestingly, the singer prefers to stay at home, away from the noise and large crowds of people. Instead of "rave" photo, Miley puts a cozy homemade photos of their Pets and huge buckets of ice cream.


Canadian singer, songwriter, fashion designer and actress Hot blonde rocker in "the gear" and a guitar, sometimes photos, sometimes drawn in comic style. Although Avril is under thirty, she follows all of the same style, close adolescents. Instagram Avril Lavigne filled her expression in the genre of "instant photo". Now the canadian game is already about a million two hundred thousand subscribers. Avril Lavigne Instagram is constantly updating and pleased his fans with photos from concerts, with the rest (bold bikini and on the cover of magazines. Great attention to the singer pays fan-art, often dedicated to publishing her drawings of fans. Sometimes they are incredibly expressive.


American star of the reality show, actress, model, socialite. Page in Instagram Kim Kardashian makes an extraordinary impression. First, mediatised full reveals his spectacular appearance not so much in photos, but in video. On her page short videos almost more than photos, which is unusual even for star users. Secondly, prone to outrageous and frankness Kim Kardashian to Instagram behaves the same as everywhere else. Probably the only thing that binds her is service rules against posting explicit erotic. However, photos and videos in a more revealing bathing suits on her page often. Actually, this is what its like. Not surprisingly, Instagram Kardashian has already signed up nearly seventeen million people.


American singer, songwriter, producer, philanthropist, fashion designer and actress. The singer puts new photos almost every day, collecting thousands of comments and hundreds of thousands of "likes". Today it signed almost four and a half million people, 4 times the number of subscribers Instagram Avril Lavigne. Here you can join the announcements and revelations of the singer. She appears in their extravagant costumes, posing sedately with strict Tony Bennett, who is preparing a joint jazz album, it appears in a new dazzling dresses, era style jazz and pop. Recently Lady Gaga Instagram Braves in the same stylized way: the rehearsal shows, photos, clothing – all concept.



American actress and model. Megan Fox in a personal photoblog does not skimp on photos of yourself, beloved. She is photographed in portrait mode, allowing you to appreciate her gorgeous eyes and lips. Megan photographed in full length, to square the photo to get together with open legs. In addition to photos of Megan Fox in her Instagram pictures often appear with edifying inscriptions and quotations from famous philosophers.



American actress of film, television and sound, singer, composer, songwriter. Glory catches up with Selena and her personal photoblog. Today on Instagram Selena Gomez signed almost 12 million people. This huge army of fans is growing every day.


Young and talented American actress, best known for the TV series "pretty little liars" and the film "the quest". In 2008, Ashley Benson appeared as a cheerleader in an episode of the popular series "Supernatural". She also played one of the six beauties in the Comedy "13 going on 30" (13 Going on 30) and won the role of Carson in the sequel youth sports picture "Bring it on: in it to win it". Ashley Benson herself was doing all the dangerous stunts, although they never performed as part of a support group.



This talented girl originally from Atlanta in time for his eighteen years to appear in more than thirty films and become the face of fashion house "MaxMara" and brand "Aéropostale". Many call her the future Queen of Hollywood. She was born in 1997 in the family plastic surgeon and nurses. American actress, known for the films "Kick-ass", "500 days of summer" and his roles in the horror films. The first big project Chloe Moretz was the remake of the eponymous Thriller 1979 "the Amityville Horror". Released in 2005 the film was a great success, tape, with a budget of $ 20 million has grossed over 100 million. Chloe was five times nominated for "Best young actor or actress" and two of them took the victory.


the Owner of one of the strongest voices of a generation and puppet appearance, Ariana began her career in the Broadway musical "13". Great fame she received the role of cat Valentine in the TV series "victorious" on Nickelodeon. Then the world learned about her talent not only as an actress but as a singer with incredible data. Account instagram Ariana contains more than 41 million subscribers.



British singer and songwriter became famous after took the top spot in the BBC Sound of 2010 and won in the category "critics Choice" at the BRIT Awards competition 2010. In early 2015 Ellie released the song Love Me Like You Do, which was included in the soundtrack to the film "50 shades of grey". On account in Instagram she has about 6.5 million subscribers, which it pleases photos of her creative life.



Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr is known as one of the angels Victoria's Secret. Miranda is the first Australian to Victoria's Secret and the "face" of Australian company Portmans. Famous Miranda Kerr acquired after his collaboration with Billabong. In Instagram she pleases impressions of their bright and interesting life. Star boasts a account 7 million subscribers.



2007 year Alicia Keys first appeared on television as a professional actress. The debut work of a girl was her role in Joe Carnahan's "Smokin ' aces". Currently, Alicia Keys is one of the most renowned female singers on the world stage. In her personal collection listed fourteen Grammy awards, five awards American Music Awards, ten Billboard Music awards Awards, six awards Soul Train Music Awards, four awards MTV Video Music Awards, thirteen awards NAACP Image Awards and several others.


Canadian actress and singer, known for his role as the schoolgirl junkies Adrianna Tate-Duncan on the TV series "90210". Also an actress known for the films University, Hawaii 5.0, Kyle XY, Masters of horror. At the moment, Instagram stars signed nothing less six hundred thirty one thousand people.



Australian singer and songwriter, charming model and talented actress, loving sister of the famous singer Cody Simpson. On her Instagram already signed more than one million seven hundred subscribers.



American actress, singer, songwriter, model, and fashion designer. The actress has already starred in twenty-nine films and managed to prove themselves in the fashion world. From early childhood she started acting on television and has won the hearts of millions of viewers by giving them a lot of good experiences from the played its role. The number of subscribers in instagram is approaching four million.


American actress and singer. Nominee for the award "Oscar" for best actress in a supporting role in the film "up in the sky", this role also earned her a nomination for such a prestigious film awards, the Golden globe, Screen Actor Guild Awards and BAFTA. For the first time Anna has acted in the Broadway musical "High Society" in August 1998 at the age of twelve. For this role she was nominated for "world theatre award" award, "drama Desk" and a Tony award and became the second youngest Actresses nominated for this award. The most famous actress received after the role of Becky in the movie "pitch Perfect". In Instagram on Anna signed more than four million subscribers.



American singer, actress, TV presenter and designer. Jessica is actively involved in charitable activities. In 2005 she released her own fashion collection at The Jessica Simpson Collection. Also artist has starred in several movies including "Blonde ambition" and "my dream Date". In the account of Jessica about two million podistica.


American actress, singer. Was the most popular due to the role of Caroline Forbes from the TV series "the vampire Diaries". In 2008 he toured with the show "Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of both worlds" as a backing vocalist. Her music has won a lot of fans in Japan and in 2008 entered the Top 10 according to a popular local magazine about music. Candace shares in instagram photos of his dynamic life. At the moment she has more two million subscribers.


British top model and actress. One of the "stylish people in the fashion industry at the age of 45 years," according to the American magazine Vogue. In the ranking of "50 supermodels of the world" professional portal Models.com ranks 5th, and in the ranking of the British Evening Standard "1000 most influential people of 2011" is in the category of "most invited". On Instagram stars signed more than eighteen and a half million subscribers.



American actor, best known for his role as Noel Kahn on the series "pretty little Liars" and the role in the movie "a Very hunger games". He wrote the script, directed and independently mounted own comedic short film "the smartest man in the world". Instagram star has about four hundred thousand subscribers.


American actor, best known for his role as Kyle hunter in the television series "the Love of a widower" and the role of Jeremy Gilbert in the television series "the vampire Diaries". Making his debut in the TV series "the Limit", broadcast in primetime on one of the Central channels of American television. Role in the short film "Club Soda" Stephen brings the award in the category "best actor" at the film festival in Beverly hills. In Instagram Steven has more than seven hundred thousand subscribers.



Swedish model and actress. Starred in advertising campaigns for Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, BCBG, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss and Gucci. Also several times been included in the catalogue of the Victoria's Secret. He is currently the face of the perfume Giorgio Armani "Armani Code for women EDP". In 2001, was a judge at the beauty contest Miss universe. Today, the beautiful Swede is one of the most popular supermodels of their country. Currently on a Mini account signed by more than twenty-five thousand subscribers.



American actor and musician, best known for his role as Sam Evans on the television series "Glee". Overstreet from an early age studied music, playing the mandolin, guitar and percussion, and in 2009 began an acting career. He made his debut in the web project "Private school", starred in episodes of the TV series iCarly and "no ordinary family", the movie "the Gate". Cord, being very charismatic has a lot of popularity among subscribers in Instagram. To date, the number of his fans on this account about nine hundred thousand people.


American actor, singer and dancer. In 2013 he starred in the role of Tanner in the musical Disney's Teen Beach Movie in which he plays. He also appeared on Days of Our Lives and Shake It Up. He has a regular role in the second half of the first season of the Fosters. Now Garrett has over half a million followers on the social network Instagram.

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