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Draft INSTAGE created to promote your brand, business INSTAGRAM using celebrities. We know how to increase conversion and sales. Promotion takes place in the shortest possible time, with minimal costs.
   The use of celebrities in advertising — a very popular technique. Famous people are not only experts in their field. Today, famous people — it's «beautiful app to brand» . The advertising message of any brand with celebrity hook a large part of the potential consumers, creating a sense of value of goods. A well-known person, promote a product, appealing to emotional perception of the information, it gives the consumer a call to action.
    Service INSTAGE are regularly working to expand the database of famous people. Our team members are working on the result, attracting famous people to participate in your campaign. Our staff carries out a comprehensive approach to each client, always offer effective solutions that will be used to obtain the maximum financial benefit and a reliable reputation.
    We investigate and take into account the maximum set by the customer of the problem, examine the state of and prospects for the project, then, draw up a detailed scheme to promote and increase conversion.
Services INSTAGE are relevant for owners of leading companies that want to consolidate and keep their status, the image of goods, products, involving in the process of show business stars, cinema, sports, television.

About Service INSTAGE:
One of the best services for the automatic selection of popular accounts with the target audience. It can help you carry out effective campaigns with personal involvement and recommendations of famous people.

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