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Today Instagram — one of the largest social networks. Every day Instagram «hang" about 200 million active users, of which 2.5 million Russian.
Instagram ranked fifth in the world in the number of brands present in it from the world's top 100. Every other world famous brand has a page in the social network.
Some of the most popular and large brands in Instagram:


Victoria's Secret



When promoting the brand must clearly follow the content of the page content. That all went according to plan, observe the following «unspoken rules»:
  • do not forget to lay out positions on a daily basis (at least two posts a day);
  • In positions, though not every day, but often publish infographic. Infographics — is a graphically beautiful, stylish, she is very well perceived instagramom and users.
  • The main thing is not to forget about hash tags, they are very important in the promotion;
  • To arrange various competitions, quizzes, the winners of which will receive the attributes associated with your brand;
  • It is not important enough to show not only your brand, but also to lay out positions on the company's life, happy and friendly staff.
In this way. If you observe all of the above, progress in instagram — reality. Be bold, and you will succeed.
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