Progress in Instagram using the stars. How it works?

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To get started find out, and who is a «opinion leader» in instagram? The answer is simple — it is a known personality, which has a large number foloverov and can have no small impact on their subscribers.
To start working with opinion leaders need to start to determine an accurate portrait of our target audience.
Compiled a list of 100-150 Russian stars of all sizes, ranging from «small» to «large» which could be our target audience. Why is it necessary to create such a large list, you ask? Because not every star will agree to advertise our product and brand. Many can not answer, do not unsubscribe.
Then, a table with indicators which include: a reference to the star, the number of subscribers, the average number of activities per day, the cost of advertising the post, contacts for communication. We analyze compiled our table and choose about 10 of the most effective advertising accounts.
The fun begins)
  • connects with a star by e-mail, Viber or What'sApp, in the subject indicate that we are on the advertising of our brand in Instagram;
  • Be sure to say that we really like Instagram account, the star;
  • Specify what company, product, services are provided;
  • We describe the pros to work with us and our cool products.
    All this is absolutely necessary to describe to interest the star to star «value» with you. You can discuss the possibility of barter;
  • Send the star of our product and look forward to when it will lay out photos with our brand;
 Now you can easily promote your brand using celebrities Instagram.

you register and start your campaign now!

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