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What is the decomposition?

Simply put — This miscalculation number of clicks necessary for us and other indicators in order to make a large capital.
Why decomposition?
  • To find out how to get Disabilities (applications), while we know the net profit, which want to receive;
  • Let us know the number of ad impressions, via decomposition, we can get to know how much profit;
  • Will calculate the return on advertising investment.

Let us consider the concept of «Sales Funnel" of the site.
Sales Funnel reflects how many people spent on each stage without making the desired action. How many people went to the site as a basket reached as to fill the form as actual payment.
At each stage, people are becoming less and less — this is the sales funnel.
Watch for these parameters is very important because it is the key performance parameters of the site.

Our calculator decomposition will take a sober look at the situation of your business and make the right decision, building and forming a funnel for all steps in sales. It is almost universal sales management tool. You will be able to calculate their income.
Service Instage.org presents a unique opportunity for free calculate your arrival with your own calculator decomposition.
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