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The giant global industry food The Coca-Cola company is the largest advertiser in the world. During the 123 years the company has developed thanks to its bright and unusual advertising, it seemed to have brand speaks for itself, and in any needs no advertising, but it is fundamentally wrong. The brand really has firmly stuck in our hearts and in our memories, but how did they manage?

Association. Logos, videos, banners, promotions, they are everywhere! The company actively distributes a reminder on. The advertising campaign, based on the festival is one of the most successful and as a result of the inevitable. Since the holidays are cyclical, and somehow repeated. Procession of the truck with the logo under the recognizable song and northern bears every year create a festive mood in the style of a Victorian Christmas, and now is no longer just when you look another ad with a favorite motif recalling the feast, but now Coca-Cola was the an integral part of the festival thanks to the association.

Also, one of the brightest ideas and has been the issue of registered Coca-Cola and the creation of the advertising traffic «Sign up!». Publicity stunt wave swept across the world to unite all in one simple factor — name . All the bank sought to find Coca-Cola with your own name, which in turn provided the company with additional adverse publicity in social networks. The network began to appear photos of the happy owners of a nominal drink that also has suffered advertising.

The company keeps up with events in the world, following the interests of the generations and is always trying to show people your love. For example, their involvement in the Olympic Games, the release of the original designer bottles or known to all «machine of happiness».

It's no secret that The Coca-Cola Sompany is spending on advertising for almost 40% of the profits. Just as many companies do not forget to seek the help of celebrities in its advertising. Worldwide advertising finds its face. During the entire existence of the company in their advertising was attended by a lot of celebrities: Fabio Capello, Chantal Thomass, Aishwarya Rai, Jean-Paul Gautier, Taylor Swift, Kim Soo Hyun, Christina Aguilera, Penelope Cruz, the group 2PM, Ivan Dorn and many others.

History shows that the involvement of celebrities in its advertising certainly draws attention to your brand, trust their idols remains unchanged. Thanks INSTAGE attract a celebrity in its advertising has become much easier, you can just go to the site, find exactly of who you need and have start working.

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