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«People are not hearing all the music.… with Beats people hear what artists wanted to convey to you» ©

One of the marks of quality in the modern world is now Beats Electronics. As you know, how many people so many opinions, but as a man who not only listened reviews audiophiles professionals to express their professional opinion, but as a person familiar with the products of the company, I can say that the word «quality» is not simply echoes the name brand. This should be accompanied by live sound good music, it was thought that would bring the co-founders of Dr. Dre (Andre Romell Young) and Jimmy Lovine, and under the slogan «what you did for music?».

The overriding objective in the campaign was to attract stars of pop and hip-hop culture, and other celebrities, showing everyone how important high-quality music, and a device to listen to this music. Among these stars appeared Lady Gaga (American singer, songwriter, producer, philanthropist, designer and actress), Zendaya (American actress, singer, dancer and model), Nicki Minaj (American singer, rapper, songwriter and actress) and Pharrell Williams (American singer, rapper, producer, musician and fashion designer), Eminem (American rapper, music producer, composer and actor) with his famous track «Berzerk», and many others. According to co-founder Andre Young, just as he is a perfectionist and his success in the Aftermath held thereby.

Such an example of brand promotion using celebrities has been very effective, really, activities rapper always delight us with their success and professionalism, which in turn led to the credibility of the advertised product with the public. For such a brilliant approach to their cause huge respect to the company, we hope that the new owners will delight us with unforgettable clips with celebrities.

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