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Think about it. How often did you run ads, but it does not bring any results. You invest the money, but profit is not increased. This happens in most cases, the reason for this erroneous conduct an advertising campaign. It may well be that you have chosen the wrong audience for advertising and it is simply not interested or available. Instage already thought of everything for you.

Studies have shown that involvement in his campaign opinion leaders help to increase public interest in the advertised brand. When a person chooses a particular product it is a rational approach to this issue, and in the store is not just looking at the shelves and choose what looks best. Most often, the person chooses what he advised, or what he heard. The key to influence the choice of the consumer may be just the same recommendation from a person whose opinion people trust. Of course, people will listen to the opinion of the one who understands this issue. Each also has its own celebrities have an audience that may coincide with the target audience of your brand. It is on this and aims Instage .

Instage — a free service automatic selection of popular accounts with the target audience.

The customer sets the task and Instage analyzes the data and takes into account all the features to produce an effective advertising campaign, then, make a detailed scheme to promote your brand. Service will select the suitable options for you that will attract famous people to participate in your campaign.

Why Instage :
• free registration;
• security of transactions;
• competent selection of celebrities;
• increase conversion and sales;
• intuitive interface;
• a wide range of tasks;
• Create a free promotional pages;
• focus all over the world.

Order advertising their brand, choose your favorite celebrity, zarobatyvat start!

It all starts with filling out the questionnaire. The system then analyzes the data and select the appropriate package for your advertising campaign. Operate safely! Work Safely!

you register and start your campaign now!

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