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What is conversion?

In general understanding conversion — is the ratio of general to the particular, if the dismantling concept Figures in sales conversion is indicated as a ratio of the total number of visitors to the store (say 200) to the number of visitors have made a purchase (say 10 people): 200/10 = 20 . Translate this number into a percentage: 20% * 100 = 20% . Conversion of your company 20% , not a bad figure.

Conversion of Internet marketing has a broader meaning. The ratio of total visitors to the site may refer to the number of people make a purchase, people who clicked on the banner or the number of viewing videos on the site, and so on. Similarly, advertising should be directed to the desired conversion. Thanks Instage possible without delay and with minimum waste of time to find the right person for you to present your brand. You will orient the consumer advertising and competent person to direct its recommendations.

Saving is not only spending time on advertising, but also in cash. Just imagine, you want to draw a star for your advertising campaign, but how much money you spend and how many calls are made to get in contact with the stars, it may take several months and there is no guarantee of the success of this event.

But now simply go online, register at Instage , fill out a form with your wishes for an advertising company and choose your favorite listing of selected packets.

Star of «Modern Family» Sofia Vergara in advertising Pepsi

Why Instage :
• free registration;
• security of transactions;
• competent selection of celebrities;
• increase conversion and sales;
• intuitive interface;
• a wide range of tasks;
• Create a free promotional pages;
• multilingualism.

Order advertising their brand, choose your favorite celebrity, Start earning money right now!

It all starts with filling out the questionnaire. The system then analyzes the data and select the appropriate package for your advertising campaign. Operate safely! Work Safely!

you register and start your campaign now!

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