Guide "How to create a task" for owners of accounts

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    In the top menu bar, click the button «Create» see. Figure 1

    Figure 1 — «Create» button in the menu bar

    After clicking it you will see a pop-up modal window and the icon «New Job» (see. Figure 2) -> pass by her on the job creation page (see. Figure 3).

    Figure 2 — the icon «Create a job»
    We see a modal window in which we are interested in, select a category. For example, you want to offer advertising in their accounts -> choose the category „Submit advertisements“ below can be specified in any social network, or „Other“ if the network number -> press the button „Create“ (see. Figure 3).

    Figure 3 — A modal window for creating jobs

    The new modal window will form fields to be filled (see. Figure 4, Figure 5, Figure 6):

    1. I want (short header that you want to offer);
    2. Description (the maximum describe the offer to as many advertisers are interested in them) (see. Figure 4);
    3. Attach a file (you can attach files to find useful and necessary);
    4. Location (select the region where you are);
    5. Figure 4 — Form filling
    6. When a job needs to be done (here terms of placement of your ad, the maximum 30days);
    7. Your phone number;
    8. What artist will receive for a job? (you can specify a fixed payment, or leave the price open, and further discuss it specifically with the customer. Prices should be given in Site currency: 1 star — $ 100 );
    9. Figure 5 — Form filling (continued)
    After filling in all the required fields press the button „Next».

    Figure 6 — Form filling (continued)
    Next, you will see a message that “Your job is saved.» On the form recheck your entries (see. Figure 7), if you noticed any mistake, you can go back and edit it, and if all is well, we publish our proposal.

    Figure 7 — Form input validation

    pops up that «The task is successfully published.» And you can see it in the list (see. Figure 8).

    Figure 8 — Your task in the list
    You can view your job (see. Figure 9).

    Figure 9 — created job
    If you have any further questions, please contact customer support.

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